Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Office job? I'll take it!

i just saw this video, i LOVED it. it has seriously made me contemplate getting an office job...and moving to london. wouldn't it be dreamy to live in london in the fall. and in the winter, sping, and summer.  sometimes i just want to pack up and move to another country. one day it will happen my friends. it will happen gosh darn it! but for now i will watch this video daily and dream of offices jobs where i meet the love of my life and living in london.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life around these parts

Ok so school and crazy and work is crazy which means every time time I sit down to write a blog post I fall asleep. It is what it is.
Heres what's been going on around here...
We added this to our apartment....yep i am already, ready for something new. shoot
waffles if you have not been to the waffle love truck go. go now. run as fast as you can. (find them here)
excaped homework for a friday to hear allred play(LOVE the cute little old lady that sat beind us.)
this is mostly what my life looks like. boring.
Jason the little boy i nanny needed an authentic egyptian dessert. yep we made it. it was an adventure that will probably never happen again
I have been doing a lot of giving tests for one of my classes. this the briefcase with the 25 pound IQ test. yes i did carry it all over campus.
Byu vs Utah game. enough said
my first time ever on rollar skates. scary very very scary.
well that pretty much sums up life the past few weeks. it really is my goal to get back to blogging consistently! hopefully, i have always been bad at making promises to myself so this may just be another one of those.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What will they think of next

oh, i am just sitting here at 7:30am pondering the world of technology. it impacts our life everyday all day. wow! when i was ten we spent 30 minutes a week on the computer in the computer lab and practiced typing. i remember when i first learned to use the internet and my mind was blown. now i carry around an iphone ha! 12 year old self is still saying "holy cow this is incredible". we live in a crazy cool world i tell you. even though sometimes i want to throw my computer against a wall(mostly because it is smarter than i am and i don't know how to use it) i am so grateful for all the new technology we get everyday!
here is a little taste for you. two words: panoramic pictures.
thank you steve jobs for changing out the world we one knew.
 and here is one that i just find too good to be true.(special education teacher in me)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


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School makes you smarter

So obviously those of us that go to BYU go for the amazing academic education. BYU is a school where we can have the best of the best.  we not only get a great education when it comes to math, english, and science but we get religion as well.  its a place for academic AND spiritual growth. but today this is what i learned....
i first learned that just becuase the attractive man sitting next to you doesn't have a ring on does not mean he is't married. that was awkaward. WEAR A RING!
then i learned that Joseph Smith ripped it?? yeah ripped what? dont worry i am still trying to figure that one out too.
i learned that some freshman boys go on dates not because they like the girl or even because they think she it cute they go on dates simply to tell their friends they have a date.
i learned that this video is a metaphor for the rest of my life as a special education teacher. collaboration people! (watch it! its a goodie)
vienna vegtable orchestra. enough said.
i did learn some statistical terms(something somewhat productive right)
i learned that a group of mice is called a mischief, that a group of jellyfish is called a smack, and a group of finches is called a charm.
i also learned that at the BYU bookstore candy counter you can get goldfish for like two thousand times cheeper than anywhere else. i got this whole back for $0.78!!! WHAT???
(it doesnt look like a lot but i promise you it was! almost as much as is in one of those packages!)
please don't get the wrong idea though i promise BYU actually gives students a great education and most days it's all about applied behavior analysis, and how to give a proper assessment. today was just one of those day.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Great givaway

Also... go enter this cool givaway over at awkward girls! and dont forget to go to FNO this friday it is sure to be amazing!

A little obsessed...

Things that i have been a little obsessed with...

Speculoos cookie butter! oh heaven help me and my thighs i cant stop eating this stuff!!

The latino festival, its a festival the have here in provo every september and i just love it. it is the perfect mix of culture, fun, and good food. i mean dollar tacos is there anything better?

Polka dots. cant. get. enough.

The harold b. library, it's quiet perfect temperature. i live there.

Pretty Little Liars. juicy, dramatic, and ezra is sexy as they come. if you haven't seen it watch it

I am obsessed with natalie holbrook...her blog nat the fat rat her blog is simple lovely. she is real and her family is adorable and i just listened to a webinar she did on blogging and now i think she is even more great. check it out!

And...Nauvoo i have been more than a little obsessed since i got back. please let me go back.